Estate Litigation

Orlando Estate Litigation Attorney

There are many legal issues which may arise with regard to a estate administration which may require estate litigation in order to successfully resolve various issues relating to estate or property disputes.

Sometimes an estate administration does not go as planned and interpreting the true intentions of the deceased may be difficult to determine. When such situations arise, we are ready to put our experience in estate litigation to work for you.

You may be entitled to part of an estate, or a larger share of the estate, however, you have been denied your fair share entitlement. You may be asked, as an executor, to defend the validity of a will or distribute assets and property in accordance with a will.

Anthony J Diaz represents those who are involved in estate litigation disputes who seek to protect the integrity of a will, correct wrongful acts, recover illegal or unauthorized transactions, or contest various estate litigation legal issues. We utilize every legal tool available, as well as our many years of experience, to protect your legal rights in situations of denial of entitlement or to protect the integrity of a will.

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Estate Litigation legal issues which we typically represent involve:

Over the years we have assisted many Orlando, Winter Park, and Central Florida area clients in resolving estate litigation matters.

As an experienced attorney serving Orlando, Winter Park, and Central Florida area residents in trust litigation, we diligently investigate, analyze and fight to to protect your legal rights involving estate litigation. We have a comprehensive understanding of the law as it relates to estate litigation law.

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