Estate Sale or Distribution Disputes

Orlando Estate Litigation Attorney

When a loved one passes on and has left a last will and testament to outline their last wishes, they do so in anticipation of eliminating or minimizing possible complications which may arise. Unfortunately, unforeseen complications may still present themselves in various forms.

Illegal property sale or distribution typically occurs as a result of malfeasance by executors / administrators, or by family members selling or distributing property without the consent of other beneficiaries which have a legal standing regarding any property or estate transactions.

Anthony J Diaz represents beneficiaries who are victim of Illegal property sales or distribution as a result of malfeasance by executors or any other unauthorized estate, asset or property transactions. We utilize every legal tool available, as well as our many years of experience, to protect your legal rights and the estate, assets or property which have been left to you by a loved one.

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The individual or parties involved in an illegal sale or distribution of property may be personally held liable for their actions, and in some cases may even be held criminally liable.

Over the years we have assisted many Orlando, Winter Park, and Central Florida area clients in resolving and putting an end to the illegal sale or distribution of property, and in certain cases, aided in the recovery of lost or mismanaged assets.

As an experienced attorney serving Orlando, Winter Park, and Central Florida area residents in estate, trust, and probate litigation, we diligently investigate, analyze and fight to stop or correct any illegal sale or distribution of property. We have a comprehensive understanding of the law as it relates to estate, trust and probate law.

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