Breach of Fiduciary Duty

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When an executor of an estate is appointed and granted fiduciary duties, they are entrusted to responsibly carry out their duties in an honorable and professional manner. They are responsible for administering assets for the sole benefit of the beneficiary or beneficiaries. Failure to adequately adhere to their prescribed duties, according the the law, the executor may be personally held liable for their breach of fiduciary duty, and in some cases, may even be held criminally liable.

A breach of fiduciary duty exists when an individual or entity abuses, acts fraudulently, or fails to act within a due standard of care the authority and responsibility which has been given to them.

Anthony J Diaz represents beneficiaries who are victim of a breach of fiduciary duties. We utilize every legal tool available, as well as our many years of experience, to protect your legal rights and the assets which have been left to you by a loved one.

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Over the years we have assisted many Orlando, Winter Park, and Central Florida area clients in putting an end to discovered breach of fiduciary duty issues, and in certain cases, aided in the recovery of lost or mismanaged assets.

Fiduciary fraud or abuse may involve financial assets, illegal real estate transactions, or fraud involving personal property.

The Law Firm of Anthony J Diaz represents beneficiaries and personal representatives with the following breach of fiduciary duty issues:

  • Failure to follow Florida Probate Code, Florida Rules of Probate, or an order of the probate court
  • Probate Fraud
  • Improper investments
  • Self dealing
  • Excessive compensation

When the administrator or executor’s negligence or probate fraud results in a financial loss to the estate, the probate court may remedy the situation through a monetary award against the personal representative or others which may be involved in the wrongdoing. The Florida probate court has the authority to remove the administrator or executor if prudent cause has been found.

As an experienced attorney serving Orlando, Winter Park, and Central Florida area residents in estate, trust, and probate litigation, we diligently investigate, analyze and fight to correct any breach of fiduciary duty issues. We have a comprehensive understanding of the law as it relates to fiduciary duty.

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