Contested Wills

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No matter how well an individual’s will may be drafted, there are often points of conflict which may arise which may lead to a legal action of a contested will. Common areas of contention may include what is perceived as an unfair distribution of assets or property, or situations in which family members who have been estranged for many years may suddenly question being left out of the distribution of assets.

Other times the validity of the will may be contested as a result of a possible forgery, undue influence, the mental state of the deceased at the time of drafting or amending the will, or other types of claims which may warrant an action of a contested will in probate.

Anthony J Diaz represents beneficiaries and those who perceive a viable injustice has been committed which warrants a legal action to contest a will. We utilize every legal tool available, as well as our many years of experience, to protect your legal rights and the assets, which are being contested.

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The fact that the decedent leaves a will does not always guarantee their property and assets will be distributed according to their wishes outlined in the terms of the will. Commonly governed by the statutes of Florida law, a court must not only provide an opportunity to allow others to challenge the will, but may have to determine what is fair for the parties involved, as well as attempt to adhere to the deceased wishes outlined in a will which is being contested.

Your attorney’s duty to provide you with a voice of reason and entitlement to the court, in order to achieve the best possible resolution in contested will matters.

As an experienced attorney serving Orlando, Winter Park, and Central Florida area residents in estate, trust, and probate litigation, we diligently investigate, analyze and fight to protect your rights in any contested will legal issue. We have a comprehensive understanding of the law as it relates to wills and contested will litigation.

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