Trust Disputes

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Even with the most thorough planning and the strongest foundation for trust provisions, a trust may still end up being legally disputed by family members, or fraudulently misused by the trustee.

Trust dispute litigation can be very complex and sensitive in nature. Typically involving family members, trust disputes may involve various issues which may dispute the validity of the trust in an effort to legally amend the trust.

Trust disputes may often involve allegations of a lack of mental capacity or undue influence of trust issues. Additionally, where trustee malfeasance exists, litigation may need to be brought to seek the removal of the trustee, the forfeiture of trustee fees, and seeking potential damages for improper or inadequate trustee management.

Anthony J Diaz represents beneficiaries of trusts who are fighting to protect the integrity of the of the trust, or seek litigation against a trustee. We also represent those who seek to undue or correct an injustice by disputing the validity of a trust due to a lack of mental capacity or undue influence. We utilize every legal tool available, as well as our many years of experience to protect your legal rights in trust dispute litigation.

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Trust Dispute legal issues which we typically represent involve:

Over the years we have assisted many Orlando, Winter Park, and Central Florida area clients in resolving trust dispute legal issues.

As an experienced attorney serving Orlando, Winter Park, and Central Florida area residents in trust dispute litigation, we diligently investigate, analyze and fight to stop or correct any wrongful or illegal trust transaction issues. We have a comprehensive understanding of the law as it relates to trust litigation law.

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